Pane Cunzato - Pizza and More

Pane Cunzato – Pizza & More is the restaurant/pizzeria that “speaks” of Eolie: as soon as the customer crosses the threshold, they are involved in the suggestive photos of the Aeolian islands and begin this journey involving the view and, later, the taste.

The undisputed protagonist is definitely cunzato bread, a typical dish from Sicily that can be tasted on every part of the island, albeit with different shades of ingredients, colours and flavours. It consists of a lightly toasted base and is seasoned on top with fresh, uncooked ingredients (buffalo mozzarella, onion, tuna, tomatoes, capers, etc.)… in short, it’s exquisite! This dish reflects and encompasses the philosophy behind our restaurant: we believe that only fresh and little-handled ingredients can retain all their nutritive properties and thus their taste and flavour.

We think that a good state of health is essentially from what we ingest, so we pay a great deal of attention to the choice of flours. Our pizza and bread, leavened for 48 hours, are produced with wholegrain stone-ground wheat flour, which, unlike normal refined flours, is not depleted of all its precious minerals and phytoactive substances present in bran and germ and indispensable for nourishment and human metabolism.


Organic Flours

Unlike refined flours, ground by using cylinders running at a speed of 300-350 rpm, thereby removing part of the nutritive strength from the flour and oxidising precious elements, stone-ground flour is a rich and nutritious product, thanks to a reduced grinding speed. This prevents overheating, and the fibre in the flour cleanses the intestine from toxins and cholesterol, while also regulating the absorption of carbohydrates and the intestinal transit.

Good and Quality Dishes

Eating healthily does not mean having to give up on taste! And that's why the other protagonists of our dishes are all products and delicacies of Sicilian excellence: cheese, Nebrodi salami, Palermo ricotta, Salina capers, Modica chocolate, Bronte pistachio pesto, cherry tomato jam, onion jam, Trapani tuna, not to mention the wide range of white and red Sicilian wines. Did we make you hungry? Well then, come and visit us. We are open seven days a week from 12 pm to 10:30 pm. We look forward to meeting you