Pane Cunzato Day: 16 May 2018

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We’re happy to invite you all for the first Pane Cunzato Day in London!

Keep yourself free on the 16th of May to celebrate our signature dish.

Special Offer of the Day:

Pane Cunzato
Beer/Soft Drink
£12.50 pp

Do not miss it out, book your table!

What’s Pane Cunzato?
If you have never heard of Pane Cunzato before, you have probably never been to Sicily and here is your chance to get to know a bit more about our culture.

Pane Cunzato is a typical Sicilian dish that can be tasted everywhere in the island; although the recipes may slightly vary depending on the area.

The word ‘Cunzato’ comes from the Sicilian dialect and stands for seasoned, which means Pane Cunzato can be translated as seasoned bread. Indeed, it consists of a lightly toasted bread base, seasoned with fresh and tasty ingredients.

However, Pane Cunzato is much more than that, and that’s why we have based our concept on this unique dish. A simple but authentic dish, which brings out the best of Sicilian and Aeolian traditional flavours.

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